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Communications is equal parts art and science. Above all, it harnesses the eternal power of storytelling to influence public perception. A successful communications strategy leverages multiple disciplines to compel key stakeholders including customers, strategic partners, the news media, and the community. Our firm takes a comprehensive approach to communications planning and strategy based on a thorough assessment of your organization's market space, competitive differentiators and long-term business goals.

As defined by the Public Relations Society of America, public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. Public relations programs support business goals, from the qualitative benefits of creating goodwill to the quantitative benefits of driving sales. Whether it’s a product launch, corporate rebranding, or promotional campaign, our team has two decades of experience in shaping an organization’s value proposition and providing an impactful platform that drives engagement among the right target audiences.

Our publicity and media relations services focus on leveraging the power and influence of the news media. Our team understands the nuances of working with journalists, editors and reporters, and cultivates long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Over the years, Emblem Communications has generated millions of media impressions for clients across all industries.

Whether we’re booking Navy SEAL team leaders as subject matter experts on Fox News Channel and Hannity, holding a press conference to launch new digital cinema technology, landing magazine spreads for Napa Valley wineries, securing blogger reviews of law enforcement gear, or hosting dozens of news crews during a counter-terrorism summit that was covered nationally by CNN, BBC, Forbes and the Associated Press, you can count on us to tell your story.



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